Facial Wash For Every Face

Stand up to whatever skin type you might have. The product you wash your face with is very important. Every ones skin differs; therefore not everyone can use the same product. The company Sabon, which means soap in Hebrew, is a company that offer natural based products for the home and body especially. It has everything your body can benefit from like, hand made natural bars of soap, liquid soaps, body exfoliaters, a top of face products, lotions, and so much more. The great thing about Sabon is that they appreciate all skin types.  For now let’s focus on their facial washes.

For Normal/Dry Skin: Try Sabon’s Aloe Vera Facial Wash. It’s hypo-allergenic; making it great for people with sensitive skin.
For Combination skin: Use the Jojoba facial wash. You’ll see a difference.
For Oily skin: Use the Sea Weed facial wash. You won’t have to battle oil and shine after this product.
I personally have really oily skin in the summer. After I started using the sea weed I noticed a difference quickly. They’re only $11 and for how well they work, I’d say that’s a major deal.
Visit sabonnyc.com for store locations near you or order on-line.
Another must have for either combination or oily skin are clean&clear’s oil absorbing sheets. Whenever you feel your skin getting oily or shiny you just blot the little sheet and problem solved. The best part about it, other than getting rid of the oil, is that you won’t mess up your makeup. Only about $5 and you can find it at any pharmacy or Target.

7 responses to “Facial Wash For Every Face

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  2. Oh wow awesome! Does the oily-skin one smell like seaweed? haha. PS- I go through like 50 of those clean and clear sheets a day + my mac blot powder 😦 ugh stupid oily skin!


    • fabulouslyglamorous

      I think you’ll really like the clean&clear blotting sheets. I’ve tried other ones and they don’t work as well. For example Victorias Secret has their own line of blotting sheets and they worked horrible on me. The oil and shine didn’t seem to go away, and it removed my makeup even though the label said it wouldn’t. Definitely give the clean&clear ones a shot.

    • fabulouslyglamorous

      No it doesn’t smell like sea weed. It smells pretty good. I love it. It’s not an over powering smell, it’s more natural.

  3. oh! i love the new layout!!!! so cute!

  4. I think I’m def. trying the Sabon’s Aloe Vera Facial Wash….wow those oil absorbibg sheets are a ust have!

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