Make Your Makeup Last

Do you ever find yourself re-applying your makeup throughout the day. I wonder sometimes, where does my makeup go? There is something that helps and its called: PRIMER. 

p216619_heroYou can find primers at beauty supply stores, pharmacies, and Sephora. Any kind will do. I use Bare Mineral’s Prime Time (since I always have Bare Minerals on), but if I go out at night I like to use Sephora’s Primer. I use it at night, because it leaves you face with a slight shimmer. Loves it!



You can’t go wrong with either Primers but there’s more out there you can try. These are just the two I’m using as of now. 




p221331_heroDon’t forget about your eyes. Applying eye primer on your eye lids helps you shadow and eye liners last longer. This one from Sephora is only $8. 







300Don’t want to buy a pricey Primer. Just put a little bit of Vaseline on your eye lids. I wouldn’t recommend it for the entire face. It’ll be a little bit too shiny 😉











2 responses to “Make Your Makeup Last

  1. cuteminilicious

    o0oo never heard of Primer before, really. I’m def. trying that…:)

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