Clean Brushes

Your makeup brushes are your tools. They wear out, and they build bacteria. It’s important to keep them clean, even if you’re the only one using your own brushes. Cleaning your brushes can help protect your face from bacteria, impurities, and future break outs. 

P208013_heroI currently use Sephora’s Purifying Shampoo to clean my makeup brushes. I clean them every 2 weeks because I’m so busy, but since I use the brushes so much I think they should be cleaned weekly. 

Sephora also sells a daily cleaner for the brushes. It doesn’t really matter what brand of brush cleaner you choose. If you don’t want to spend so much money, you can also buy baby shampoo and clean them with that. You brushes are delicate, and baby shampoo is gentle enough to clean them. 

How to clean the brushes:

1. Never let the water run directly over the brushes. Instead just pour water over the brushes. Pour the shampoo/cleaner on the brushes and squeez  the makeup out of them.

2. After cleaning them, lay the brushes on a flat surface to air dry. Don’t lay them on a towel. 

It’s really easy to clean your brushes, and it will help make them last longer. 



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  1. Lovee the new layout…I didn’t know you could use baby

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