Foot Care Continued

In addition to my Foot Care post, there’s another product I’d like to add to keep your feet soft. Don’t know how it slipped my mind, since this product is amazing. It’s called Foot Cream from Sabon.

Foot_Lotion copyMThe Foot Cream is based on menthol and camphor. Camphor is the number one antiperspirant. It prevents foot fungus, foot odor, and it really softens your feet. The menthol gives it the fresh scent. This product is a must have for foot care.


2 responses to “Foot Care Continued

  1. Sounds nice, i love that color lol..its such a soothing green…

  2. styleantagonist


    Y O U
    H A V E
    B E E N
    T A G G E D!

    pls visit my blog for the questionaire..


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