Don’t Neglect Your Nose

The nose shouldn’t be looked over. We need to take care of just like any other part of our body. Especially since it’s the center of our faces.

If you suffer from black heads or just have gunk stuck in your nose Biore has a great product that should definitely help. They are Biore’s Pore Perfect Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. They are so easy to use. Simply wash your face and dry it off. Then dab some water on your nose with your hands and apply one of the nose strips on your nose. The water helps it stick to your skin. After 10 to 15 minutes, slowly start to peel off the pore strip. By this time it should have hardened. Once it’s off you’ll notice the gunk it’s pulled out from deep in your nose.


Continue this routine 2 to 3 times a week for a clean nose.


3 responses to “Don’t Neglect Your Nose

  1. I use these regularily! But they aren’t very good for you apparently. But I still am obsessed with them! lol

  2. omg, used one and i don’t think i wet it enough so i just kind of ripped it off my nose and probably a few patches of skin! i’m gonna go back to sqeezing the blackheads, a clean pop!

    i am closing up the “thousand dollar bag” blog. I just got a 2500 dollar bag! i am going to move your link to my new jewelry website, please replace the “bag” link with this one, and stop by!

    happy blogging!

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