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Dye your hair without the Dye

Okay so I’m a hair dye virgin. That’s why I’m so excited and anxious about dying my hair tomorrow. But I love experimenting with my hair. I have brown hair, I wanted a change and I did it without the dye. I found this great product called Clairol Natural Instincts. It’s semi-perminent for your hair. In 10 minutes I had jet black hair. It didn’t do any damage, instead it made my hair really soft and shiny. And I kept it that way for about 8 months. However summer is coming and I want to leave my dark wintry locks behind.

It’s an awesome product. It washes out after about 28  shampoos. If you don’t want to change your hair color they also have a clear one that makes your hair REALLY shiny. So fabulous pplz get out there and so something out of the ordinary today. Change can be scary at times, but O so much fun.




Ok so enough with the Betty stories and what not. I’ve got a confession and I can’t hold it in much longer. I’m FabulouslyGlamorous and I’m a beautyHolic. Beauty and body products are my passion. I’ll try practically any beauty regime. So I’ve got to let you guys know about the Neutrogena Wave. Pplz it really works. I’ve used it for a about a week now and it’s amazing. My skin feels so soft.

I’ve only tried the regular pads, but I’m dying to try the exfoliating ones. As soon as I do I will update all you fabulous pplz about it. So go out there, buy the wave and wash your faces tonight. You’re about to get supa dupa soft skin =).