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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Momma’s Day to all you Fabulous Mothers.



Make Your Makeup Last

Do you ever find yourself re-applying your makeup throughout the day. I wonder sometimes, where does my makeup go? There is something that helps and its called: PRIMER. 

p216619_heroYou can find primers at beauty supply stores, pharmacies, and Sephora. Any kind will do. I use Bare Mineral’s Prime Time (since I always have Bare Minerals on), but if I go out at night I like to use Sephora’s Primer. I use it at night, because it leaves you face with a slight shimmer. Loves it!



You can’t go wrong with either Primers but there’s more out there you can try. These are just the two I’m using as of now. 




p221331_heroDon’t forget about your eyes. Applying eye primer on your eye lids helps you shadow and eye liners last longer. This one from Sephora is only $8. 







300Don’t want to buy a pricey Primer. Just put a little bit of Vaseline on your eye lids. I wouldn’t recommend it for the entire face. It’ll be a little bit too shiny 😉










Affordable Skin Care

There are a ton of products to choose from, when it comes to caring for your skin. Sometimes it seems like the ones that will truly work are the really expensive ones. That isn’t the case at all. Aveeno is an affordable skin line that really works. All of their products have natural ingredients, and you can find things for the body, face, hair, and even products for babies. 


Here are the types of things you can get from Aveeno:

  • body washes, lotion, anti-itch products, shaving gel
  • face moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging treatments
  • lip conditioners, cold sore products
  • baby care products
  • sun protection products
  • hair care for all types of hair
  • shampoo/conditioners
  • leave-in treatments

Aveeno continues to come up with naturally based products that get the work done, and are affordable. You can find the products at pharmacy’s and target. 

Visit Aveeno to get free sample of their new shampoo/conditioner. All you have to do is fill out a quick survey =).


Blemish Be Gone

 I’m approaching the end of this spring semester at school and I’ve let papers pile up. Not only that, but finals are right around the corner. With all the stress the break outs have been happening all week. Although blemishes are a natural thing that happens to all of us, it’s a pain in the ass. Anything I can do to prevent them from popping up, I do it.

I have found an amazing product, that was recommended by a friend, that I will be heading to Sephora to buy this weekend. It’s called RareMinerals Blemish Therapy. It’s an acne treatment made by Bare Minerals. I witnessed my friend applying it, and almost instantly the minerals hide the blemish. What’s great about this product, is that it not only conceals your blemishes, but it also treats them. You can wear it to bed, or under your makeup. 

be-blemish-therapyThe mineral treatment comes with a brush to help apply the product. You can find it at Bare Essentials store and Sephora. The price is a little high, $28, but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it. 

While treating you skin remember to drink lots of water, and eat healthy. Those things have an affect on your skin and how rapidly it heals. 


Protection from the Sun

The weather gets lovelier everyday. I’m enjoying it and hoping that I won’t need to wear a coat again until maybe October or November. Along with the this warm weather comes the sun’s damaging UVB/UVA rays. Studies have shown that both UVB/UVA rays are stronger than ever and can cause a lot of harm. Even when it’s not blazing hot outside remember to put on sunscreen. Not just on your body, but on your face as well. 

coolibar_2048_7028441Aveeno is such a good skin care line. Their products really work, and they’re so affordable. I’ve been using Aveeno’s face moisturizer, which also has an SPF 15. It smells good, and leaves a glow on my face.









neutrogena-ultra-sheer-dry-touch-sunblock-spf-85_slideshow_imageNeutrogena has a couple of sunscreens to choose from. My experience with Neutrogena products has been a good one. They really deliver what they say they’ll do for you. 









p232115_heroFor those of you who love Bare Minerals, just like me, there’s a mineral sunscreen for your face to try out. It has an SPF 30, you don’t feel it on your skin at all, and just like their makeup line, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. You don’t have to worry about breakouts and you’re protecting your face from the harmful sun rays.







I’m the first who should take my own advice when it comes to the sun. I love laying out and I love being tan. I’ve become more aware of the harm the sun causes. A tip I picked up is that you should buy sunscreen with a higher SPF than 30. 30 is the number everyone should be using, but the higher the SPF the less you have to reapply it. 

O and don’t forget about your lips. There are many lip balms that have an SPF of usually 15. Your lips need protection as well. 


Kissable Lips

Lips need to be taken care just like any other part of your body, so don’t leave them out. There are a ton of different lip glosses and chap sticks out there. Way too many to name. My top 4 as of now are the following:

C O Bigelow’s Mentha lip gloss is minty and moisturizing. It lasts a pretty long time. Every time I wear it I know I don’t have to worry about reapplying a million times. There are many other different flavors to try if you don’t like minty ones.

Burt’s Bee’s chap stick is my secret weapon of chap stick. In my opinion it is the best out there. Not only does is do wonders for your lips, but Burt’s Bees is an Earth-friendly company that makes natural products. I recommend all of their products. It’s affordable, good for our environment, and it works.

Lip VenomI’m also a huge fan of lip plumpers. Lip Venom from DuWop is one of my favorites, because I feel it working. I love the tingling sensation. The only thing that sucks is that it costs $16 and it’s really tiny. So I only buy it once in a while.

I had to leave the most interesting for last. Soap&Glory is a line of beauty and body products that are fun to use. Aside from the lip gloss having such a fun name (Sexy Mother Pucker) this lip plumper causes some major tingling. And not just tingling, it feels like if your lips are vibrating. I kid you not. If you want to try a lip plumper or any lip gloss you have to try Sexy Mother Pucker. You can find the line of products at Target.  Don’t you want your lips to vibrate? =)


Happy Earth Day =)

Happy Earth Day Fabulous people!

It’s so important to appreciate the earth and everything it gives us. It’s up to every single person to do their part in helping save our planet. There are so many little things we all can do like recycling, making sure we don’t leave water running, turning off lights when they aren’t needed, and reusing bags instead of always getting a ton of bags from stores we know we’ll just throw out once we get home.

earth-day.jpg earth day image by lulinhapato10

Enjoy today and make sure you do something every single day that benefits our earth. And go watch the movie Earth, it comes out today April 22 in theatres. I’m sooo excited for it =).

Beauty also does its part when it comes to helping our earth. There are a ton of natural brands out there that you can buy amazing products from. My top 10 fav are:

  • Bare Essentials (Ofcourse)
  • Carol’s Daughter
  • Phyto
  • Jurlique
  • Evian
  • Tarte
  • Boscia
  • LaVanila
  • Nude Skincare
  • PlantLove

Also pick up the book called, The Green Book. It’s such an easy read, you pick up many tips on being eco-friendly, and it’s really enjoyable. I loved it.

Have a FabulouslyGlamorous Earth Day!