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Happy Earth Day =)

Happy Earth Day Fabulous people!

It’s so important to appreciate the earth and everything it gives us. It’s up to every single person to do their part in helping save our planet. There are so many little things we all can do like recycling, making sure we don’t leave water running, turning off lights when they aren’t needed, and reusing bags instead of always getting a ton of bags from stores we know we’ll just throw out once we get home.

earth-day.jpg earth day image by lulinhapato10

Enjoy today and make sure you do something every single day that benefits our earth. And go watch the movie Earth, it comes out today April 22 in theatres. I’m sooo excited for it =).

Beauty also does its part when it comes to helping our earth. There are a ton of natural brands out there that you can buy amazing products from. My top 10 fav are:

  • Bare Essentials (Ofcourse)
  • Carol’s Daughter
  • Phyto
  • Jurlique
  • Evian
  • Tarte
  • Boscia
  • LaVanila
  • Nude Skincare
  • PlantLove

Also pick up the book called, The Green Book. It’s such an easy read, you pick up┬ámany tips on being eco-friendly, and it’s really enjoyable. I loved it.

Have a FabulouslyGlamorous Earth Day!