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Foe Tan

I don’t think anyone loves tanning more than I do. The joy I get from laying out is: aaaahhh. Amazing. But I have become more conscious of the sun’s harmful rays. We do have other options, other than just laying out. Self tanners are a great option.

31YX828VK7L._SL500_AA280_Jergens is affordable and really works. The lotion comes in three shades, Everyone can find one that matches their skin tone best. They also sell the tanning lotion for the face. 








P235700_heroThis one, Sevin Nyne is by Lindsay Lohan. It comes in a spray form, and it’s supposed to be really easy to apply. It can be found at Sephora stores.








P99721_heroBare Essentials has yet to let me down. I had no idea they had a self tanner. I’ve gotten good results from the Jergens lotion, but I will be trying this one.








Self tanners are a great way of adding color without harming your skin, and it’s a good way of maintaining a lovely glow. Give it a try.