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Foot Care Continued

In addition to my Foot Care post, there’s another product I’d like to add to keep your feet soft. Don’t know how it slipped my mind, since this product is amazing. It’s called Foot Cream from Sabon.

Foot_Lotion copyMThe Foot Cream is based on menthol and camphor. Camphor is the number one antiperspirant. It prevents foot fungus, foot odor, and it really softens your feet. The menthol gives it the fresh scent. This product is a must have for foot care.



Does the heel of your foot ever get rough, dry and or flaky? It’s normal, don’t freak out. I usually scrub my feet with a scrub to get rid of the dead skin. Avon has a great foot scrub, it’s called Foot Works Tropical Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub. It smells delicious and reminds me of Caribbean beachy days. For only $2.99 I’d say that’s a steal.

PROD_1027199_XLAfter rinsing off the foot scrub I finish scrubbing off the dead skin with a foot file. Continue doing this 1 to 2 times a week. I do while in the shower. It’s quick and simple.

Spa for your Lips

Your lips need to be pampered just as much as any other part of the body. We don’t only have to worry about them being chapped in the winter, but the sun does some damage to them as well. While at the beach I obsessed over protecting my skin from the sun and didn’t give much thought to my lips. Later in the day I paid the price for my mistake. My lips felt a little sunburned and I had to constantly apply lip balm to ease the discomfort. Thanks to a little routine I followed for the next couple of days they felt extra smooth soon after.

Every night I exfoliated my lips. You can use any lip exfoliator. I love how Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub from Philosophy works. You just leave it on for up to 3 minutes and wah-lah smooth lips.  231313_fpx.tif

My favorite chap stick is Burt’s Bees, but “desperate measure calls for desperate actions”. I opted for a second balm on top of that one. I started using C.O. BIGELOW’s Rose Salve and I love it.

Beauty Quickie

If you’re applying self tanners on your own, it can be really annoying to get it off of the palms of your hands. By applying moisturizers to your hands it will prevent them from absorbing the tanning products. Making it easier to wash off whatever does remain. 🙂

Instantly Bronze

Being a huge fan of Bare Essentials and at home tanning, I decided to give Bare Essentials FAUX TAN a try. In a previous post about foe tanning I mentioned that I wanted to try it and I’m so glad I did. It REALLY worked. I saw color immediately on my skin. I started with the legs and worked my way up. The bottle says that you don’t need to apply again for 5-7 days and it’s true. 

2074033With this wonderful product comes a couple of warnings from yours truly: 

  • You have to make sure you blend the liquid really well into your skin so that you don’t have any streaks. 
  • It takes a little long to dry completely so make sure you have time to really apply it. (It’s not a quick task.)
  • Wash your hands IMMEDIATELY! (I thought my hands were going to stay orange for sure. The product is really strong so wash you hands thoroughly and quickly before it gets the chance to stain the palms of your hands.)

The Faux Tan is great to use if you need an instant or emergency tan. It’s too messy and not quick enough for me to use often. I think I’ll stick to my Jergens mousse tanner. It’s quick, not messy, and a little more affordable for my budget.