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Protection from the Sun

The weather gets lovelier everyday. I’m enjoying it and hoping that I won’t need to wear a coat again until maybe October or November. Along with the this warm weather comes the sun’s damaging UVB/UVA rays. Studies have shown that both UVB/UVA rays are stronger than ever and can cause a lot of harm. Even when it’s not blazing hot outside remember to put on sunscreen. Not just on your body, but on your face as well. 

coolibar_2048_7028441Aveeno is such a good skin care line. Their products really work, and they’re so affordable. I’ve been using Aveeno’s face moisturizer, which also has an SPF 15. It smells good, and leaves a glow on my face.









neutrogena-ultra-sheer-dry-touch-sunblock-spf-85_slideshow_imageNeutrogena has a couple of sunscreens to choose from. My experience with Neutrogena products has been a good one. They really deliver what they say they’ll do for you. 









p232115_heroFor those of you who love Bare Minerals, just like me, there’s a mineral sunscreen for your face to try out. It has an SPF 30, you don’t feel it on your skin at all, and just like their makeup line, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. You don’t have to worry about breakouts and you’re protecting your face from the harmful sun rays.







I’m the first who should take my own advice when it comes to the sun. I love laying out and I love being tan. I’ve become more aware of the harm the sun causes. A tip I picked up is that you should buy sunscreen with a higher SPF than 30. 30 is the number everyone should be using, but the higher the SPF the less you have to reapply it. 

O and don’t forget about your lips. There are many lip balms that have an SPF of usually 15. Your lips need protection as well.