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Intense Hair Therapy

Even if you’ve never colored your hair, it’s still important to take care of it from damage. You need to be aware of sun damage, dehydration, and split ends. Now this is something I have yet to try, but I’ve heard very good things about. Pantene Pro-V has a weekly treatment that you leave in your hair for just 3 minutes. It’s called the 3 Minute Miracle Weekly Intensive Treatment. With a name like that, it’s pretty tough to pass up.

IMG_9515I don’t even have to explain how it works. The back of the box tells you everything. Take a look:



Blemish Be Gone

 I’m approaching the end of this spring semester at school and I’ve let papers pile up. Not only that, but finals are right around the corner. With all the stress the break outs have been happening all week. Although blemishes are a natural thing that happens to all of us, it’s a pain in the ass. Anything I can do to prevent them from popping up, I do it.

I have found an amazing product, that was recommended by a friend, that I will be heading to Sephora to buy this weekend. It’s called RareMinerals Blemish Therapy. It’s an acne treatment made by Bare Minerals. I witnessed my friend applying it, and almost instantly the minerals hide the blemish. What’s great about this product, is that it not only conceals your blemishes, but it also treats them. You can wear it to bed, or under your makeup. 

be-blemish-therapyThe mineral treatment comes with a brush to help apply the product. You can find it at Bare Essentials store and Sephora. The price is a little high, $28, but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it. 

While treating you skin remember to drink lots of water, and eat healthy. Those things have an affect on your skin and how rapidly it heals.