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Mega Volume

My hair lacks volume and so I’m always searching for a product or tool that’s going to get the job done and give me the volume I need. So for you fabulous people who share my dilemma, I’m here to help. Before, I used to blow dry my hair upside down. The volume was there when I flipped my hair up, but it went away quickly. And so after much research I’ve discovered a few things that work for me.

Hot Rollers are my favorite tool of choice right now. They heat up within 10 minutes, and they’re so easy to do yourself. I usually leave then in my hair for 15-20 minutes. While they’re in your hair you can do everything else needed to get ready like do your make-up, get dressed, grab a snack or whatever. When I take the rollers out my hair I have volume and soft waves. I love it.

You can also try root lifting sprays. I currently use Victoria’s Secret So Sexy root lifting spray. I just spray all over my roots after I wash my hair. (It smells great too). There are a ton of brands that have their own root lifting sprays. Another great one is Tresemme’s. I like theirs because it also protects against heat damage.

Victoria's Secret - Volumizing Shampoo for Fine Hair - photoVolumizing shampoos and conditioners help a ton. I use both Victoria’s Secret and Pantene Pro-V’s volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I like to alternate between brands, because when your hair gets used to one particular brand the product wont work as well. Every couple of weeks I’ll switch them.

Sometimes my hair likes to act up during rainy or humid days. By acting up I mean start to frizz. Hair serums work great for frizz and fly aways. The problem I had with serums, was that they would weigh down all my volume =(. I found a solution to that though. Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Serum is for volume as well. While you hair is damp just apply a dime size to your ends, but avoid putting too much on top.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of the products at once. You can alternate. For instance, only use the serum on rainy or humid days. Or alternate between the volumizing shampoo and the root lifting sprays. Now the hot rollers I use almost everyday. But that’s just cause I’m obsessed with it right now =).

If you guys have any tips on adding volume to hair please shair. I love, love volume lol. What are some of the things you guys have tried?